Art & Wine Festival

Two Weekends ago, Anthony and I traveled up north to visit friends and attend the Annual Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival. We flew up to NorCal on Friday night, spent Saturday in San Francisco with Anthony’s parents and good friend, Danny Greenia. We went wine tasting, had lunch at our favorite diner in Geradeli square, and wandered around for the afternoon. Saturday night, we went to the Sharks Vs. Cyotes Pre-Season Hockey game at the Shark Tank. Sharks won!!! Woot!!! (Sorry I don’t have any pictures of that! Left the camera at home).

Sunday, we attended the Festival. We met up with Danny again, along with our friends Kim, Morgan, & Mariel, and enjoyed the music, the food, and the art! It was great fun! And Anthony ran into many old firends (or their parents) and got to introduce me all day as “My Wife, Jen.” It was so cool to hear. Hahaha. Enjoy the photos!!!

Danny’s Great Smile to start off our day!
Beautiful San Fran.
On the way to the Wine Cellar, we saw this in a store window. Lauged really hard and agreed that this is the kind of thing we’ll probably dress our kids in when we have them. Too funny.
Ant & Danny in front of Cellar 360.
The View from our table:
The Boys, settling in.
🙂 Great photo of Ant and his Mom laughing at something they were talking about.
Gaby loves to share wine!
Here we go, people! I’m trying wine!! Well, sniffing first…
Savengion Blanc – I actually could tolorate this one. It tasted like grapefruit.
Check out the spread! 2 different kinds of goat cheese and one kind of cow cheese – the cow cheese (the really thin one with the purple line) is “Drunken Cheese” which means it is soaked in wine. And those crustini’s… OMG to DIE FOR!!! So Good. They were drenched in some buttery, salty, garlic-y goodness and we ordered a second plate! We ate every last one! Can’t wait to go back, just for those!
Some artsy photos Ant and I took of the glasses:

Ant trying wine. Also a big step for him. Niether of us really like wine.
Oh, Danny – my wino friend. He and Gaby loved trying them, and discussing them.
Second one I “liked” (which really means that I can handle/tolorate it enough to drink a glass – I still don’t actually LIKE any wine). It was about the 5th or 6th wine I tried. It is called Nightengale, and it is a dessert wine.

Napkin. Looks cool.
Wandering around SF means a trip to Boudin!!
The boys, checking out MORE wine. Hahaha.
Meet my new friend!
Segway Tour!!! I want to do this someday!
Sigh. I love San Fran…
Sunday, on our way to the festival.
How cute are parents? I love pictures like this of them and of my parents. I sneak them in whenever possible.
GIANT spider. Bleh!
Danny stole the camera for a while! It was a beautiful day, even if it was too hot!
Mr. Anderson’s Band – we always watch them.
Oh Morgan… Never without the Iphone.
Anthony (wearing Kimmi’s hat) and Kimmi!
The Group! (Minus me, the photographer)

We had such a great time visiting with everyone. A weekend up north after 6 months (or more for Ant) was a great treat! But it reminded us of how much we loved living up there, and now we miss it. Not that we didn’t miss it before – we are just more aware of it. We love the people here in SoCal – they are one of the greatest reasons for being down here! But we know where we want to end up, long term. In the meantime we’ll enjoy our mini vacay’s to visit there. It was a great weekend! Can’t wait for New Years!



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