Blog Stalker to Blog Slacker!

I know, I know, I know –

I’m slacking. It’s been more than 2 weeks since I’ve posted. Sorry peeps – been a little busy!!

So I did another round of cupcakes (blog to come tomorrow! Promise!) and then Ant and I went on a little vacy to NorCal to visit Ant’s parents and go to the Annual Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival (Also, blog to come tomorrow!)

I had all the good intentions of blogging right away, but then – blah – I got sick this week. Fever of 100 Degrees, sore throat, the works! It’s been loads of fun, let me tell ya! But I’m on the up and up again, and just had to post this one thing:On Sept. 12th, We did a Family Photo Shoot with Bri (Who else? She’s my forever photographer, not to mention good friend from HS!) and we just got some of the photos back from her blog. She did it again! She managed to capture all these great smiles and faces that we make every day together. She isn’t afraid to get down in the dirt to get the shot she wants, and she delivers images that will blow you away, not just because they look cool, but because you can actually see the love. I’m amazed.

Ok seriously, Bri – I cried, my mom cried, my sister cried, and both Dad and Ant laughed. Which is the best reaction to get out of them anyway, so good job.

BUT SERIOUSLY PEOPLE – You should call her. ok, I know. I love her, and so I’m biased and think that everyone else should love her too. But honestly – I’ve never come across another photographer out there who takes the time and care that she does. If you need family pictures done, or a wedding photographer, or head shots, or school portraits, or ANYTHING WITH A CAMERA you need to call her.

Go Ahead. Call her. I’ll wait.

Did you call her? Good. Now that that is settled, I can rest easy. Honestly, I’m not just talking here. And she didn’t put me up to this. Anthony and I LOVE our wedding photos. I have a book full of our engagement photos and it took me and Anthony 3 whole days to pick just one to be the “official” photo. We couldn’t decide because we loved so many of them. I’m so relieved I’m not the one laying out the design for the Wedding album – otherwise it would have over 1000 photos in it (literally!). I have head shots of my sister, we have these awesome family shots, Ant’s side of the family is starting to do photos with her too, so we have those, and I’ve recommended her to about 4 or 5 Brides I know with absolute confidence. Bri is not only an Amazing Photographer, she is an amazing person. And when she’d done with the photos, she goes and blogs about how wonderful and amazing the people/families she shoots are (Myself included), so I wanted to take a second to rave about her.

Bri – You’ve been so wonderful to all of us. You’ve been professional, fun & easy to work with, charming, passionate about what you do, and the best part is that I’ve NEVER seen you work coming anywhere but from the heart. You capture moments rather than images. You make people laugh and you bring out the best in them and you capture it. You make us look good!!!! You find those smiles that JC Penny’s will NEVER be able to get, I don’t care how great their studio package deal is. You will be taking my family’s pictures for years and years to come, and I will recommend you to anyone who will listen. You are more than a photographer – you are a great friend and I cherish having you back in my life.

If you haven’t yet, people – check this lady out!


Ok, one more because I love it.

Full post of all of my favorites to come soon.

Seriously people – CALL HER!


2 thoughts on “Blog Stalker to Blog Slacker!

  1. Brienne says:

    Jen – you and your family are seriously amazing and I feel blessed (seriously BLESSED!) to get to work with all of you! I'm never disappointed with your amazing creativity, you're always up for a laugh and always brighten my day – PLUS (and this is a big plus) – you make crazy good looking cupcakes! You just might be my favorite bride ever. 🙂 Love you guys! Seriously!:: brienne ::

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