Blog Experiment

Ok, so I’ll admit it. I’m a Blog Stalker.

Yup – you heard me. If we’ve ever met, and I know you have a blog, I read it. I read all of it. I look at every line, every photo, every comment made. I’m what my husband lovingly calls a “Space Invader” – you know, like the game? He’s clever like that.

Anywho – back to blog stalking. Through my friend, Bri, I learned about “Google Reader.” If you have gmail, or a google account, you can get Google Reader. You type in someone’s blog address, and the darn thing alerts you whenever anyone in your list updates their blog. And I mean, whenever – 24/7 ability to stalk other bloggers. It updates almost instantly after someone hits “publish.” So I check my reader at least once (but more like 3-5 times) a day to see who’s been online. And I read them all. I know all about who Bri has been photographing mere minutes after she posts. I know what my friend Brenna is up to out in Ohio. I know what photos my friend Amy has been taking on her latest photo journalism adventure. I read my mom’s stuff, Sandy’s stuff, I even read the blog belonging to the cupcake book that inspired my cupcake project!

So then, that got me wondering. If I read that many blogs, who’s reading mine? I have no clue. Besides Beckie, who’s got me set up on her Iphone, and my mom because she thinks I’m cooler than I actually am, I have no idea who reads my babble (like, at all, let alone on a regular basis). I know Mary and Amy have read at least one because they commented, but I don’t know if they’ve been back. (P.S. Mary – If you are reading this, I can’t read your blog – it’s private, which is good! So Can you add me please?)

So here is my experiment: Leave a comment on this one. If you read my blog, or have ever read my blog, leave a comment (saying ANYTHING) on this one. I’m just curious. And YES BECKIE – THAT MEANS YOU TOO! Ms. “I read it all but never comment.” šŸ™‚ I love you!

And if you read this blog and you think I might not have your blog set up in my reader, leave your blog address. I’ll start stalking you, too. Promise. šŸ˜‰

Thanks guys!!! Cheers to all the other Blog Stalkers out there!


12 thoughts on “Blog Experiment

  1. Paul and Elissa Francis says:

    you really should include me in this blog. you KNOW i read your blog AND I comment (unlike a certain other bestest). until she had your set up CORRECTLY in her phone, I was telling her when you posted. just an fyi. ha ha. Here's my post. You know the website. i'm just not very good about posting on it. ha ha. I'm trying.

  2. Gretchen says:

    I have read your blog and I check back occasionally. I love reading blogs but not enough people I know have them. I have one on LiveJournal (since about 2004) but don't post too often anymore. but I LOVE reading them:)

  3. Mac says:

    I don't "think" you are cool, I "know" you are cool! I can't help it if you inspire me….even if I haven't yet set up my blog the way I'd like to….I need your blogging talented self to come over and help me (ageism reigns it's ugly-head again)! Ask Amy if I can see her blog. I'd appreciate seeing another photo journalist at work. And if it helps, I read about 5 or 6 blogs, but your's is the most active, and interesting, especially with the photos. Wonder if everyone who reads your blog will actually post a comment? Interesting experiment.

  4. santabarbaragal says:

    I have read your blog–and I love it! Especially the cupcake baking. :)I am also a blog/facebook/internet stalker. And feel free to read my blog, though I don't update it a lot. ~Amanda (Walker) Schaub

  5. Kathy says:

    OK I am writing "anything". šŸ™‚ Now that I have a new phone, I will add you to my Google Reader to get the updates. It will give me some down time during the school day….and I will need some time. I may even start a blog of my own….we'll see. šŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your life with us, Jen!We miss you two.

  6. Brienne says:

    Definitely have your blog in my Google RSS feeder. šŸ™‚ PS – if you want ridiculous information on who's coming to your blog, where they're coming from, how long they're staying, what they're looking at, etc. check out Google Analytics (also free). :):: brienne ::

  7. Amy T Schubert says:

    I have a love/hate relationship with google reader .. i love that it allows me to follow so many blogs efficiently … and I hate that it allows me to follow SO MANY blogs xo-A

  8. Mary Rubow says:

    Mary here…Like you I am a blog stalker. I have had my google reader working for me for many months, and I have many people who I stalk on a daily basis also. I can't help it. It's fun. This way, when I see them that one time a year, it's like I've spent everyday with them. You are not alone. My google reader and my facebook account really fill my "free" time.As for my blog. I'll add you with whatever address you want, but just so you are aware it is a blog that I manage for my family (parents, siblings and there kids), so you'll only know Fred and I (I think), but hey it's still fun if you want to. I put my personal stuff all on facebook, so since we're friends on there, you get most of my stuff already. Let me know.

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