Weekend at Disneyland

So, Anthony’s cousin, Marco, has been visiting us from Lebanon. How fun! He’s a great guy and has been so wonderfully patient with all of our tourism shenanigans and our need to just “Go-Go-Go” in order for him to “see everything” before he leaves next week. We are sad to see him go! But we’ve had a blast while he’s been here!

Last weekend we took him to Six Flags Magic Mountain. The only photo I have of that trip (as my camera battery was dead as a door nail) is one that Marco’s other cousin, Amanda, took for me. Long story short, my childhood friend’s little Bro works at the park, found me, and told me where to find him in full costume. SO. MUCH. FUN.

So as not to stop the whirlwind of fun, we took Marco to Disneyland for two whole days!!! Day one was just me, Marco, and Anthony. We had a blast! Marco got to go on every ride he wanted to go on, and several we went on twice just for good measure.

Some of our favorites: Big Thunder Mountain, Screamin California, and Toy Story!

Marco was so happy after the ride because he won! He beat me on his first try!
See – I’m yellow, he’s Green.
On Day two, we were joined by Anthony’s Brother, Paul, his wife, Elissa, and her sister Stephanie. Family day!! Since Marco his seen it all, and the rest of us practically LIVE at Disneyland, we went on Marco’s favorites again!

Including Tower of Terror – which was SO much better when Marco suggested that he and I not hold on for the whole ride. HOLY CRAP. It was so scary. Which is what made it better, of course. Oh – and sorry to Steph that I cut you in half in this photo.
We are going to Miss you, Marco! Come back soon!!!
I will post about the Buttered Popcorn cupcakes some time this week!


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