My first day at Charming Pet Products

Self portrait this morning right before I left for work. Ant had already left for work, so I had to use the mirror on myself, but I think it came out ok! I wanted to show you how happy I was!! Not to mention I wanted to show off my outfit. 🙂

My bosses told me “casual” dress in our office. I’m wearing a tunic top and capri slacks. Probably one of THE most causal outfits I’ve ever worn to work anywhere since graduation, and I was still a little over dressed. (Opps! Jeans tomorrow, I guess!) On our causal Friday, I could probably get away with sweat pants and a hoodie if it was raining outside! But I won’t. Promise!

I must take a moment to point out my jewelry. The set is one of my own creations. Those lovely beads are the glass beads Anthony bought me in Venice on our honeymoon. I finally finished the set (necklace, bracelet, earings) yesterday and couldn’t wait to wear them! I actually picked out my outfit just to match the beads!

But enough about my outfit – I promised to tell you about my job!! It was great. I came in and got right to work. I made a ton of new files to organize my desk, and set up all of my computer files and apps. I helped modify some new toy designs, made a few new contacts and learned about all of our forms. Later, I ordered new pieces for our trade show booth, filled out all my starting paperwork, and opened a twitter account for the company! It was a busy day, and I still didn’t get to everything. Finally! A position that is going to keep me busy for the majority of my days, and a boss that trusts me and my skills enough to let me do my job on my own. I know they were happy with me today, and that makes it so worth it!

Tomorrow I get to bring pup to the office! This should be fun and interesting. I hope it works out! I’d love to bring him on a regular basis so he doesn’t have to sit at home all by himself all day. But that will all be up to him and his behavior. Here’s hoping!!!

Oh – and Beckie – I wore the black sandals you gave me (the ones with the cute kitten heels) and once again, they rocked! I love you!

Goodnight everyone.


One thought on “My first day at Charming Pet Products

  1. Mac says:

    Your jewelry creation looks GREAT! Wow. Hard for me to imagine wearing what you are wearing and being OVER dressed! You sure can have fun with that. Looking forward to seeing "buttered popcorn" 😉 Here's to life being an adventure – Cheers!

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