I got a job!!!!

I thought I would post it here:


Holy cow, does that feel good. I start on Wednesday at “Charming Pet Products” here in Westlake Village, CA. It is a small company that makes dog toys and accessories and distributes to major vendors like PetSmart. Ever seen the Rubber Chicken Dog toy that makes that God-awful screeching noise? Yup – THAT’S US!

The company is owed by a lovely married couple who needed an experienced Office Manger. Well who better to fit the bill than me? So that is what I’m doing now. No more NCIS Marathons! Sad. But I’m so, so, so glad to be part of the working world again. I missed it. And now that I have no wedding to plan, I’m starting to get bored by myself at home. So this was perfect timing.

And the best parts of the job (besides it being RIGHT up my alley) are that I get to bring pup to work (as long as he gets along with the other dogs and lets me get my work done) and the office is right down the street from where Anthony works! So we’ll still get to do lunch together pretty regularly. Whooo!!

I promise to do a post on Wednesday night to tell you all about my first day. Yippie! Wish me luck!



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