Cupcake Project – Corn on the Cob

So I started my Cupcake Project last night. I decided (with a little guidance from Anthony) to do the first chapter of the book straight through, in order. That way I learn all the techniques I need in order to do all the fun/specialty designs in time for the holidays.

So this first attempt is: CORN ON THE COB!!! Check it out!

That is 3 cupcakes – vanilla – with yellow frosting, Lemon/Buttered Popcorn Jelly Belly’s, black and white decorative sugar (to look like salt & Pepper) and a starburst to look like butter. How cool is that???

It was fun to make! And Anthony was a great photographer. Plus he makes a great taste tester. And I learned new baking techniques, which is always fun, such as using a piping bag to evenly pour the batter, evenly frosting the cupcake, or making a starburst as pliable as play dough. This is going to be a great baking experience. Check out the rest of the photos.

Mixing the batter:

New pouring technique. It works!
I learned new ways to frost evenly, too!
Now, who wants to be a taste tester?
Next time – Bagels and Lox. Can’t wait!


One thought on “Cupcake Project – Corn on the Cob

  1. Paul and Elissa Francis says:

    glad we didn't make brownies last night. these look like a much yummier dessert. we will be taste testing after dinner. beck and i are even going to see how it goes with wine or champagne. =)

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