Things I LOVE

I thought I’d make a list of things I just love…

– Anthony
– Home made cookies (Or really any home made baked good… usually made by me)
– Dr. Pepper
– Doggies
– My Doggie
– Old movie musicals
– SHOES! – No, make that FABULOUS shoes.
– Sewing
– The Big Bang Theory (The TV show, not the actual Theory)
– Country Music
– Elephants
– Zoo’s in general
– So You Think You Can Dance
– My niece and nephew
– My GodSon and his sisters
– Come to think of it, my whole family. 🙂
– Monkeys (Especially the Rally kind!)
– The Harry Potter series
– Beading
– Flip Flops
– Musical Theater
– Really great pictures of people I love
– Facebook. Not gonna lie.
– Buttered pasta with Parmesan Cheese
– My bridesmaids – they just rock my socks.
– Cute Dresses
– Internet connections
– My bed
– Laughing until I cry
– Hoodie sweatshirts, fuzzy blankets, and Nestle Hot Cocoa on a rainy day
– And FroYo. Yup. FroYo… the tart kind with yogurt chips, gummybears, and fresh fruit on top. Yum.

Just some of the things I really, really love.


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