Lovin’ the married life!

Anthony and I have been married for 25 days already! Where does the time go?

Ok, so I always knew I was going to love married life. But I really didn’t know just how much I was going to love it. I especially didn’t know if it was going to be all that different from the relationship Anthony and I had just 26 days ago.

And then I look at this picture:
This is just ONE of the many amazing pictures that our photographer, Brienne Shepard, took on our wedding day. But this one is my favorite (so far, as we haven’t seen them all yet!) of just the two of us. Not only is it a great photo, but I see more than most people see when they look at it. I go straight to our smiles and our eyes. I know what those smiles mean. I know what that look says.

I can’t remember a time that I was happier than I was on my wedding day. And I can’t remember a time I saw Anthony happier, either. It was a wonderful day. And now that it is over and the honeymoon has come and gone, we are left with the “back to reality” feeling. It’s the everyday stuff that is no where near as exciting as being surrounded by 150 people in fancy outfits and our own paparazzi. But I gotta tell ya – I love it. I love going to bed at night and saying good night to my husband, as opposed to my boyfriend. I love his kisses (which seem to be more frequent than they used to be… or maybe I’m hallucinating) and his hugs. I love cooking dinner for us. I love just hanging out with him.

Neither Anthony or I have changed as people in the last 25 days. Same old, same old. But we have become a family – an official one – and I am loving every minute. Can’t wait to see what comes next!


(And just because I love these 2 photos so much – I’m posting them too!)


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