New Blog!!!

Hello everyone!

So this is my new blog. Hopefully I will be better at it this time around than I was last time. And the old blog is going to make way for the new “Jen & Anthony” blog we will both be maintaining… which really means I’ll be typing and Ant will be sitting next to me, making commentary. Big Smile

To come soon (hopefully later today): Re-posting my 101 in 1001 list and updating it here for all of you. Also to come soon is a photo update of a few important things: 1) our honeymoon (All my favorite pics), 2) photos of our apartment. I know I usually post those right after we move, but this place has undergone so many changes in the few short months we’ve been here that I decided to hold off until we were finished with the decorating. and 3) THE WEDDING!!! As soon as I get the photos back from Bri, I’ll be doing a full post. I can’t wait!

Keep checking back! I’m excited!



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